jeff rent to own tenant pre-screeningJeff Rent To Own Tenant Pre-Screening

Jeff Rent To Own Tenant Pre-Screening (for rent by owner). If you are interested in renting to own a home with Jeff Rent To Own, you have taken the first step to true homeownership! Getting pre-screened means two things, 1.) You may be approved with Jeff Rent To Own 2.) We could save you $50.00 in application fees if our program is not a fit for you. We have houses for rent by owner in PA and NJ.

Even if you have BAD CREDIT or NO CREDIT, we could have good news for you!

Jeff Rent To Own tenant pre-screening. You’ve found the right place for homes for rent by owner in the Philadelphia area and South Jersey.

Jeff Rent To Own helps regular folks like you become homeowners because we deliver the American dream through a simple rent to own process.

We help communities to grow and improve by empowering folks to accomplish something that they didn’t think was possible, owning a home from a house for rent by owner.

Jeff Rent To Own tenant pre-screening. Our success is measured by our efforts in assisting people in buying a rent to own home, and making a difference in people’s lives. We also have real estate for sale.

We love it when people say things to us like:

“We never could have done this without you! With our previous credit history, we didn’t know we could become homeowners – but now our family has a beautiful home to call our own. Thank you so much!”

“Your service has been phenomenal, thank you for the great support!” 

“Even though my husband was having trouble getting a job, you were able to help us to get a house! Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us!”

Searching for rent to own houses? We have rent to own listings. In the Philadelphia area, lots of smart people are using rent to own homes in Philadelphia and South Jersey as a way to get the home of their dreams without having to qualify for a bank loan right away. So, ask yourself, “why rent to own real estate?” The answer should now be clear. Houses for rent to own, provide a pathway to home ownership. Your rent to own contract is waiting for you!

Jeff Rent To Own Tenant Pre-Screening

Houses rent to own. Fill out the form below, and you are on your way!!!

Jeff Rent To Own Tenant Pre-Screening Form

Thank you for providing us with the information requested on this form. The questions are not meant to be intrusive or personal. Our application fee is $50.00, and we do not want potential tenants to pay an application fee if the property may not be a good fit for them. This form is used to pre-screen potential tenants for rent to own properties, before an actual rental application is submitted.
  • :
  • Please make sure that the address you submit is correct.
  • Based on your budget, what can you pay monthly for rent and not cause you to go over your budget?
  • Our rent to own terms are 1st mo. rent, 1 mo. security deposit, and a rent to own option fee which is based on the agreed upon sale of the house, at the end of your rental term (you are not obligated to purchase the property at the end of your rental term).
  • Please include all income that you can verify... SSI, Child Support, Disability, Settlement Payments etc.
  • It is important to be able to document your income and its source. This may include, but is not limited to pay stubs, bank statements, award letters etc.
  • Tell us about your employment and where you currently work. Please list all jobs and whether they are Full or Part-time. Also list how long you have been employed at each job.
  • Our company policy requires us to perform a credit check and a criminal background check on every applicant. Now we realize that most people have some sort of damaged credit, so credit scores aren’t all that important to us. What IS important to us is honesty and integrity ALL the time. When we order your criminal background report, is there anything you could tell us in advance that we may find of concern?
    Do you owe any landlords, past or present, any money?
  • If you are able to rent to own a house from us, would you have any problems coming up with the first month’s rent and security deposit, and option fee?
  • If you have any comment(s) feel free to use the space below:
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.