selling your philadelphia homeThinking About Selling Your Philadelphia Home?

With A Rent To Own Contract, We can help you!

Here’s how we work:

We’re investors with lots of experience in the Philadelphia area and South Jersey real estate market if you are selling your Philadelphia home or looking to sell for rent by owner.

We often buy properties fast for cash, but we have other creative solutions too, including rent by owner

No worries! Jeff Rent To Own can help you rent to own real estate.

We’re not real estate brokers, so we don’t take a commission to sell your property. We sell houses rent to own.

We aren’t attorneys or accountants either. Please make sure you get good legal and tax advice on your situation or houses for rent to own.

We’ll make sure you get all the right documents, fill out the right forms, and that everything is handled with the utmost respect and courtesy. We’ll get it all explained to you and make sure you understand the details of selling your Philadelphia home with our rent to own program.

With rent to own houses there are guidelines and laws involved with every transaction, and our goal is always to make sure that we do the best job possible every time when dealing with houses for rent by owner.

We have a great reputation in the Philadelphia-South Jersey area because of our honest communication and fairness to everyone involved in the homes for rent by owner process. We work hard improving communities and helping neighbors out one home at a time, with rent to own homes in Philadelphia.

Just fill out the form below, or call us now at (215) 346-5915 to learn about the options we offer for a house for rent by owner.

We’ll send you information about Jeff Rent To Own and connect with you to chat about selling your Philadelphia or South Jersey home, show you what we do, and see if there’s a fit for our rent to own program.

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